Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vitamin I

But I... Oh I love my... Yeah I would say...

That's right. All of our worlds revolve on the I's of life. How much ever you may love your family and your friends and would love to help others and understand, the I's of life can never be replaced by them. No this is no prophecy, this is no marveling thought that I just found out. 'I' have not just been enlightened on this thought just now. 'I' have known this my entire bland life of 27 years and whatsoever 'I' have tried, has not made me selfless entirely. 'I' have realized that I love being appreciated, love being loved, love being hugged and cuddled, Oh yes I love being spoiled.

'I' wanted to be a re-known writer. 'I' always wanted to be a free bird. 'I' wanted to be a team leader. ' I' want to be respected. 'I' want to be remembered by kids and adults alike as someone to look upon and 'I' so want to be a role model.

This is my dream and I am hoping to make it all work some day. The Vitamin I pill has often worked wonders for me. Have you had your pill today? :)