Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tripping on 4 glasses of Coke

I was always in the background! But it was fun, trust me. It was crazy and hilarious to see others tripping, high on life on just a few drinks - tripping and flipping.A strenuous and jam-packed schedule had never allowed us to get to know each other (not that, we got to know each other now too, but just saying). Someone was crashing plates, another was spilling ice-cream, someone kicked off a glass of beer, and many others were perfect examples of ‘imagination let loose’.JPK’s ‘Do you have a song?’ to all of us, invoked thought in me ‘Did I have a song in me’ - or did anyone? It could be a state of ultimate intimacy or sheer unimportant moments, but I had a song in my heart, for what I felt then, in fact many.SD’s comment’s were pretty and funny, she never knew that she was being outrightely bold and saying the funniest and most bizarrest of things. P was just a fun loving girl, dazing at everyone drunk (just like me), enjoying all the funny antics. AC was out there reminding everyone that it was time to leave, then he would find another drink and another converstaion to add on to, and yet again "Shouldn't we leave?" SC could find a joke in almost anything today and laugh (maybe some frustration hidden inside) out with no care at all for everything. She just cared for the fact that she wanted to pee. [And of course her occasional, ‘I’ll miss you, gal’ (a sweetheart that she was) and ‘Tu math jaa’ (You don’t go)].SM was too high - talking to all, telling RJ that he wasn't like this 'usually', telling SC’s hubby that he should accompany us to the party, rolling her popping out eyes again and wondering what we all were doing there.There were add-ons: sweet little VS who told us (with his always present smile) that if we wanted to have dinner, we had to ask AS, who would tell RJ, who would tell VS, if we could eat. Then there was R, who would come running - ‘I want to tell you guys just one thing,’ and in stunned silence the next few words followed in ‘Kadappa style’ ‘Shut up!’ LOL! There was the sweet and soft-spoken AL, sloshed, but confessing about his 4 years romantic relationship (this was an extreme surprise to us because he is one of those extreme quiet types). Then there was AS, telling us that we were a great team and that we did a good job (a much needed pat on the back, Phew!)Everyone was at least 3 to 4 drinks down, I was high on 4 glasses of Coke (the highest in a gap of 14 years -- the last largest quantity being 3 ltrs plus, in a bet)I was always in the background. It was fun to watch these faces unmasked and being haywire.


  1. read...and you know what my song was...just that I cudn't think of it last night :P

  2. :) Straight forward writing. Just like a true journalist. Keep writing maa'm.

  3. Thanks so much, Sekhar :) I hope to continue, as long as I can :)