Thursday, June 18, 2009

The world of A.B.C

All this seems to be a joke! The economy, wining bosses, whiling away time with nonsensical stuff, gibberish writing! What is happening to the world? And journalism is now more of advertorials and writing about people we don't want to write about or have no clue about! But thinking of that -- when do they not do advertorials? A rock band playing and a curtain raiser on that, a high claimed theatre troupe and a massive review, a new hotel opening and a food review -- is that what the public wants? But if not, then what does it want? How long do we follow Shiney Ahuja's raping a maid, or if Jeffrey Archer's new Kane and Abel will be as good as the old one? Who cares, anyways? Does anyone read at all nowadays? Does reading help anyone at all nowadays? Does it trigger thoughts like it earlier did? Have people just stopped reacting to things? What has come over us? Abhishek's body was never found, the little girl who got electrocuted left her mother bereaved -- the drains still lie open, the electric wires are still all over the lanes and roads. No one responds... Newspapers are just merely there. And even if they could do anything, what could they do?Write-in-to-us sections, don't really help now-a-days, no one writes in or sends their feed backs, trust me. Poor souls, all those messed up journalists, you have no clue, how they just make up some stories to retain their bread-n-butter. And till then, the food reviews and the rock shows, shall prevail...


  1. What a crystal clear thought flow. I really liked it. It brings out the pointlessness of doing things just to survive. Great start :)

  2. Thank you, friend. Be ready for more of intellectual gibberish. :)

  3. Akanksha!
    I can feel the frustration in your words- you write about things hoping that some thing will change, but everything remains as such Now.. Is journalism about reporting things sincerely or is it about forming public opinion? If its the latter what do we mean by unbiased reporting? If its the former, then why do we bother about anyone cares or not? Some where someone might care...and that could make all the difference!!