Thursday, June 25, 2009

Up-market whining

Caught in an emotional whirlpool, I am still searching for what to do. The thoughts are like an ants colony, with all of them just running around, having no clue of where to go, how to become a concrete idea and how to be productive. The so long ‘story idea list’ has been bid farewell long back. Well, the job has been said adios to, too.
A colleague once told me, "at our schools, our principal used to say, do not make this place a fish market," when he would be angry. But wait a minute, does that refer to the fish market being down trodden? And if so, then why do we even go to the fish market at all? In this world, all who are around play major roles, pivotal ones to keep the human race going.
Just imagine that your newspaper-wallah ditches you tomorrow and decides no paper for you from now on. The kaamwalli bai, just refuses to be there, when you have to urgently leave for a meeting. The electrician guy feels that you have yelled enough at him and just malfunctions your house fuse box. You’re done for then, for sure.
Down trodden is not a level of the society. It’s really a clich├ęd setback in our minds. It’s the thought process and our families that make us like this. Break out from these chains of unrealistic explanations, my friend; break out from them for a better world tomorrow.
In Bangalore, a person lies dead on the road and no one turns around to help. But if you are one of the slum-dwellers, a crisis at your home and all of them will be there. That’s how they stand, united in all. Grow up my friend; grow up, the nation’s future lies crushed there in your hands, if this is what you abide by!

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